How to Court a Girl – Satisfying Her Needs

4 Apr

Learning how to court a girl is not difficult. The first step involves understanding her needs and what she is looking for in a man. In general, men are usually clueless when it comes to courting woman. This is perfectly understandable because the way men and women think and feel sometimes differs so greatly that it becomes difficult to understand the inner workings of the mind of the opposite sex.

That said, the courtship ritual is often referred to as an art because there just isn’t a simple step by step checklist one can follow. This is because every woman is an individual with unique preference, needs and desires. Thus what one woman may find appealing may even be a turn-off to another. However, fortunately, there are certain pointers which if developed upon, can often increase a guy’s chances of success in courting girls. And the truth is, these pointers are not difficult to learn, especially if you are prepared to put in the effort.  Listed below are 3 pointers which may help you.

1. Understanding Her

To court a girl successfully, you will need to understand the difference between the sexes. For example, girls are often more indirect than men and a “no” from a girl need not always mean no. A sensitive man is often able to read between the lines and really understand what’s in his lady’s mind. And a key to really understand a woman is to learn to listen attentively, i.e. to what is communicated, in terms of the actual spoken words, tone of voice and body language. Why is this important? Because, like in many areas of our lives, effective communication is one of the keys to a woman’s heart.. Through effective two way communication, you will be able to really understand the girl of your dreams, what her needs, dreams and even desires are. And with this knowledge, you will be better able to please and pamper her and make yourself stand out from the rest of her suitors.

2.  Push at Her Pace

Like effective communication, being able to push at her pace is of equal importance when it comes to learning how to court a girl. Being overly eager for a commitment, especially if a girl is not yet ready to take things further can ruin your chances completely. Therefore when courting your special someone, learn to let things progress at her pace and not yours. While you may be desperately head over heels in love with her and thus eager for her to reciprocate your feelings, don’t ever let your eagerness or desperation show too early or you may risk pushing her away. Instead, take your cue from her and watch out for signs and clues that she is ready to take things further. When a girl likes you and is ready, she will naturally know how to drop hints to let you know.  Just make sure you don’t miss these little hints.

3. Bring Out the Romantic You

Every girl wants to feel that she is special. And romantic occasions often make them feel loved, cherished and thus sexy and special. Thus if you wish to successfully court a girl, it helps if you yourself are a romantic at heart. Being one, you will naturally know how to treat her right, please her and let it show that you truly care for her. This in turn will ignite in her, the feeling of attraction for you.

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